Workshops – CPD for Qualified Massage Therapists

Deep Tissue Massage 1

What do you do when your clients want deeper massages than you feel confident and competent to give? This workshop will teach you how to use your forearms, elbows, reinforced thumbs and fingers to work safely and effectively, and how to incorporate these new tools into your own massage style. We will also look at posture and the use of body weight and body movement to enable deep work without risking injury to your own limbs or lower back.

Deep Tissue Massage 2

A follow up day to the first Deep Tissue workshop with time for revision and discussion about experiences gained since. We will revise requested techniques from day 1 that you will have a chance to practise before looking at how to use deep tissue techniques on the chest, arms and legs. A tailor-made day accommodating individual participants’ needs.

Soft Tissue Release (STR)

How do you release tension or break up adhesions in those specific areas within a muscle that you can’t reach with a normal stretch? And how do you stretch somebody who is hyper flexible already? Learn how to use STR stretches independently as well as within your massages to make your treatments more effective and the benefits longer lasting.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

This is another good way to stretch muscles, but different from STR in that it is a full length stretch which utilizes the body’s nervous system and automatic reflex arc response. MET can be very effective for clients who have restricted or limited movements due to general tightness or previous injuries, in other words much more for people who are NOT hyper flexible, but also good to combine with other stretches.

Muscle Revision for Therapists

If the A&P you learned for your massage exams has slowly faded away, take this great opportunity to improve your knowledge, develop your palpatory skills and move closer towards being able to give a truly ‘intuitive’ and ‘understanding’ massage. Palpate and draw muscles and bones onto the actual body for a better 3D understanding of the human anatomy.

Bespoke Workshops and Tutorials

If you can’t come to me, let me bring my workshops to you. Or if you want to refine your techniques even further; why not treat yourself to a One to One tutorial where you can concentrate on exactly what you need, rather than having to share my attention with others.

Open Forum

Have you ever found yourself stuck for ideas about what to do when a client presents you with a condition or injury that you have not treated before?

Or maybe treated a regular client many times without seeing the improvements that you had hoped for?

Do you sometimes feel a lack of confidence in your treatments, or fear that you may make things worse rather than better if you treat a new client?