Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a technique used to apply full-length stretches to a muscle whilst also involving the nervous system. By  engaging your client’s resistance, you are able to activate their central nervous system (CNS) thereby making the muscle relax and, ultimately, remember its new length as its correct length.

This ‘re-education’ of the muscle creates longer lasting results from your treatment. MET is particularly effective for clients who have restricted or limited movement as a result of general tightness or previous injuries. It is also useful when combined with other stretches such as STR.


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Course contents:

• The principle of MET and how to apply it to a muscle effectively and safely.

• When to use MET and when not to.

• How to use MET on its own or within a massage treatment.

• MET application to major muscles (legs, arms, back, neck, chest, pelvic area).

• MET with client in prone, supine, sitting or standing positions.

You will be practising these stretches independently and over clothing.   This will be a very practical day with plenty of opportunity to practise your new hands-on skills as well as experience the powerful benefits of MET stretches for yourself.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Suitable for therapists with a basic A&P knowledge.


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Muscle Energy Technique for Quadriceps Femoris.
Muscle Energy Technique. Photo by Emma Kelly
Muscle Energy Technique for Pectoralis Major