Teaching Testimonials

I am a former student of Tatina who taught me the skill and art of holistic treatment and sports treatment therapy. Originally my goal was focused on holistic treatment given that I was always interested in peoples energy and stresses and how to relieve them through massage.  Tatina was both my mentor and guider helping me to refine some of the natural skills possessed and getting me through the tough academic side of anatomy and physiology which is a requirement in order to gain qualification.  After successful completion and having a real sense of satisfaction I decided to continue my training into the more complex sports treatment therapy as I believe the  dual knowledge on holistic and  sports treatment are symbiotic in the knowledge and art form of massage treatment.  I can safely say Tatina is a gifted teacher who not only explains the art of massage but also guides those who seek to be therapists and help them channel their positive energy to help make our complex world less stressful and feeling spiritually balanced.  After almost 7 years of being a qualified therapist I am so glad Tatina is still my mentor and friend.


Holistic and Sports Treatment Therapist

Thank you for a brilliant course. Everyone enjoyed the day and felt that you were very professional in your delivery, easy to understand and very friendly. I would be happy to recommend you to my friends.

Julia Appleby

Therapy Training Room

Tatina is a very giving individual, that believes passionately in sharing her knowledge, skills and expertise in order to make you (trainee) as good a therapist as you can be. She has the perfect mix of being understanding but expecting only the best from you which makes you strive for more. She is friendly, approachable and available and that helped me personally get through my more challenging moments while training as a therapist. I look forward to training with Tatina again in the near future.


Sports Massage Therapist

I have been taught by Tatina in a number of different skills sets based on sports and remedial massage.
She takes time to explain and makes sure that the information given is correct and thorough during class and also in her own time, which was invaluable to me. With Tatina I was able to complete and pass my course and now a year on I have grown in knowledge to continue with the skills I have learnt from her with my own business and within a physiotherapy clinic.
I would highly recommend Tatina as a tutor for one to one or in a group/class as she is passionate, hard working and very knowledgable in her field.
Deborah Borfecchia

Massage Therapist, The Natural Remedy

During my massage training I learned an enormous amount from Tatina.  Her knowledge and experience are vast, and, having also received amazing massage from her I know that she walks her talk.  Her teaching style is clear, accessible and effective, and her enthusiasm for the subject tangible and infectious.  She is master in her crafts of both delivering and teaching massage.


Massage Therapist