Muscle Revision for Therapists

You know how to give a good relaxing massage. You may even be using deep tissue techniques. But are you as effective as you could be? Have you got a clear idea of what’s going on below the surface of your client’s skin or understand what you are feeling through your hands or maybe even your elbows? Why not have some fun while improving your knowledge, developing your palpatory skills and moving closer towards being able to give a truly ‘intuitive’ massage. Get inspired to take your massage practice to the next level.


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Course contents:

• Palpate the main muscles & bones of the front & back of the body

• Draw all these muscles & bones on each other

• Look up the muscles in your Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) books

• Get a clearer 3D visual and palpatory understanding of the various structures of the human anatomy, where they are, what they do.

This is an ideal opportunity to review and revise the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what you work with every day. Develop from simply being ‘a mechanic who polishes the bonnet’ to one that actually ‘works on the engine’ too!

The day will be mostly practical and you will be drawing on each other with face crayons, so please wear suitable clothing such as loose trousers and short or no sleeve tops (preferably not white to avoid stains).

Suitable for qualified therapists with a basic knowledge of A&P.


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Muscle Revision for Massage Therapists. Tatina Semprini Workshops. Photo by Emma Kelly.
Muscle Revision for Massage Therapists