Open Forum Workshop

Have you ever found yourself stuck for ideas about what to do when a client presents you with a condition or injury that you have not treated before?

Or maybe treated a regular client many times without seeing the improvements that you had hoped for?

Do you sometimes feel a lack of confidence in your treatments, or fear that you may make things worse rather than better if you treat a new client?


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This Open Forum workshop is designed for any massage therapist, whether you are fresh or experienced.

You can present any questions that may have arisen in your practice, share your personal experiences, learn new techniques and maybe even get some fresh ideas about how to treat or deal with specific scenarios that you may encounter.

This is your day: a forum for exploration and development, so no specific contents list will be set in advance.

We will work through and deal with your individual questions and any scenarios that the day’s group brings along.


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Open Forum for Massage Therapists. Tatina Semprini Workshops.


Thanks Tatina – you are a brilliant teacher and know your stuff inside out! It was a brilliant day, really inspiring and great to be in such a small group all practising on each other and wanting to focus on the same thing. It was great for us all to just revise and get a bit of a technique check from you too! CB

I have been a massage therapist for more than 10 years and have enough regular clients, but still now sometimes I have some questions and cannot ask anyone because I work for myself. So this workshop is a great opportunity for people like me, who have enough knowledge in deep tissue and STR and feel comfortable massaging a variety of people, but have some actual questions. Tatina answered our individual questions from our experience with clients and showed us how to do it, then we could practice on each other. It was such a practical workshop. We can use this knowledge and techniques straight away on our clients. Tatina has not only a full knowledge about the muscles, but also a very creative approach to the muscles which is so fun to learn! After years of experience, it tends to be a bit of a routine to massage people. So this workshop gives us another idea/angle to change something in our daily work which makes our clients happier. I strongly recommend this workshop. YMP

The Open Forum Workshop is a great environment for the professional physical therapist to expand and fill in gaps in their knowledge. I have also been on Tatina’s Muscle Revision and Deep Tissue 1 & 2 courses several years ago. What is great about the Open Forum is that you the attendee get to set the agenda. To get the most out of the day I would suggest being very clear of the topics YOU want to focus on. Tatina is friendly, professional and passionate in her chosen field. Her A&P knowledge is solid and when she doesn’t know something she says so. You are in safe hands. MS