Massage Testimonials

Feedback from some of my happy clients.

Tatina is without any doubt THE best massage therapist I have ever had! She is exquisitely skilled, is very in tune with your body and seems to know exactly where to massage at the exact right time and in the right way and with the right pressure. I have been to countless massage therapists and although good, they have never really seemed to simply ‘get’ what my body needs, whether this is from automated training and ‘going through the motions’. But Tatina… She is a muscle wizard. A human angel! I can tell she has a very sophisticated knowledge of the body, the skeletal structure, the physiology and the structure of muscles. This coupled with her intuitive skills makes her a Muscle Angel and I wish everyone could benefit from her healing hands. I can recommend her without any shadow of a doubt and my only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner!


Thanks so much for yesterday. I’ve got to say it’s the best my back and hamstrings have felt for such a long time. I’m really keen to completely sort my back out and I think it’s you that’s going to be able to help me with this.

Personal Trainer

This is my first time at Ashlins. I came because I had pain in both legs. I saw Tatina who was friendly and engaging. The treatment helped me a lot and loosened my muscles. Tatina educated me in ways to help prevent such injuries in future. Very happy with the treatment I had & I would recommend Tatina.
Miba T

Tatina combines both sports massage technique with sensitivity and understanding. I always benefit from her immense knowledge of the body under stress.

Zenaida Yanowsky

Ex-Principal, Royal Ballet

I have been seeing Tatina for a number of years. After trying a series of therapists in London I fortunately discovered Tatina at Ashlins’. I can honestly say she is exceptional, and instinctively knows & senses exactly where blockages and pain are and always succeeds in alleviating these greatly and providing a relief from pain. I always say I feel like my body is a damaged car and I am taking myself in for it to be repaired, ready to face the world again and she achieves this every time! Highly recommended

I’ve been coming to Tatina for deep tissue massages since 2002.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I have arthritis in my neck, and work in a job that gives me lots of back pain, so seeing Tatina regularly is very important to me.
She has such wonderful skills, always knowing just the right places to work on to relieve my aches and pains. She even finds aches where I didn’t even know I had them. I always leave her feeling wonderful.
Over the years, I have had many massages from others, but I have never found anyone to equal her skills.  I used to live quite near Ashlins, but even though I now live in South London, it’s worth making the journey to see Tatina, and I wish I could see her every week.
Angi Driver

Stained Glass Window Maker

I  have been seeing Tatina for the last 8 years. I go every 4 weeks for deep tissue massage which relieves the stress in my back and legs.
l go because it’s like maintenance for me. If I didn’t go then my back would go into spasm. I did have an operation about 11 years ago and had problems, but after seeing Tatina as I do I have managed to keep it under control.  Tatina always manages to get into the muscles that seem to be giving me grief and the following day seems to be good.
I would very highly recommend Tatina for treatment.

Ajit J

Tatina’s massage style cannot come only from her prestigious training,  but also from a natural intuition and talent.  I go to her with aches and pains and without much explanation she finds the niggles and expels them.  Tatina helped me manage and overcome injury during my dance training, and I have continued to have massages with her ever since.  She helps keep tension at bay, which may otherwise affect my work as a singer.  I don’t know what I’d do if either of us moved out of London!  She is wondrous!
Meg Gallagher

Singer, The Tootsie Rollers

Tatina has been massaging me for over 6 years. I have been to dozens of practitioners and find her one of the best. She can go very deep where most massage therapists cannot and yet she has tremendous sensitivity. She is incredibly gifted, and knows her anatomy, and has what some
would call a spiritual quality.

Yoko Mihara

Eastern Type Massage and Reiki Therapist

When I was teaching at London Studio Centre Tatina came to give massage to the students. I had a problem with my left knee and had massage with Tatina once a week which kept me going for several years. Her professional expertise and knowledge were so impressive that I had no hesitation in recommending her to the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House where she is greatly valued.
Brenda Last OBE

Ex-Principle Dancer, Royal Ballet

Thank you so much for my massage last night. It was SO what I needed. Feel like a weight has lifted.


I have had the pleasure of being massaged by Tatina. Despite the fact that I am not a professional sports person and don’t have urgent need for sports massage, I find Tatina’s massages more thorough and useful than any other massage I’ve had before. In fact, they make my previous massages seem almost superficial. Tatina has an amazing ability to understand your aches and pains and to work into these areas so that the massage is both relaxing but also incredibly relieving. I find that after a massage with Tatina, any aches or tensions I experience (headaches and shoulder pain due to crouching over computers) are alleviated. I would certainly recommend Tatina to anyone – both professional sports players but also to ‘normal’ everyday people who experience the stress of day-to-day life! Tatina is extremely professional and has an open and welcoming personality which is an essential trait in a masseuse.

Erin Salisbury

Ballet Healthcare Team Co-ordinator, Royal Opera House

As dancers we put tremendous force and pressure on our bodies daily.
I have had many injuries, including 5 major surgeries throughout my 10 year career and with the proper physio and massage treatment, I’m happy to say all my recoveries have been fully successful.
Tatina’s intuition with the dancers body, through her extensive knowledge and technique is exactly what I needed to keep on stage. Through her treatment, my recovery time from fatigue has been subsided immensely. It’s very reassuring to know I’m in the best hands, as every dancer knows the importance of their body and career.

Matthew Golding

Ex-Principal, Royal Ballet

I usually cannot tolerate pain caused by strong pressure during a massage treatment, but Tatina’s treatment was so different from the Remedial Massage I have received. The techniques and pressure she applied on me were soft and thorough and reached the tensed muscle firmly and deeply. The treatment was 30 minutes, but it was very effective physically and mentally and I could tell the tension was released and I felt so much lighter and completely fulfilled. No wonder professional ballet dancers and athletes want her treatment! That was a great opportunity for our clients and our therapists in Japan to experience her magical touch. We all are looking forward to the next time.
Kaori Richfield

President of Organic Botanics Japan, Owner of Slow Care Parlour

Tatina gives insightful and balanced treatment, with a keen awareness of how the whole body is affected by massage. She manages to treat specific issues while still making sure the entire body benefits.
Deirdre Chapman

Ex-Dancer, Royal Ballet

Tatina has worked with The Royal Ballet for six years. She brings a style of massage to the company, once a week, which is both popular and effective. Dancers prefer firm, strong soft tissue therapy and Tatina provides just that, every Friday.

Tatina is a popular member of the team, professional at all times and because she enjoys her work so much here, she brings a positive, upbeat attitude to the end of our week.

Moira McCormack

Ex-Head of Physiotherapy, Royal Ballet

“Tatina has massaged me for 7 years, keeping my muscles and bones moving. During this time she also sorted issues with my digestion that the medical profession failed to do. I recommend her to everyone. “

Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful massage the other day! It was great to be able to feel what some of the movements should feel like along with the pressure and fluidity. Funnily enough I was massaging someone yesterday who had a similar issue. From them hardly being able to move I had them up and about and able to do some gentle stretching at the end – very satisfying!

Oscar Stevenson

Massage Therapist

Good morning Tatina. All the areas you worked on feel great today. I just knew you would be good, because you work with dancers. Thanks again. You are truly one of the best therapists I’ve met in 15 years.

Sports Massage Therapist

I’ve been seeing Tatina on a regular basis for  the last four or five years.  I arrive at sessions with a variety of ailments from ongoing lower back, shoulder and neck pain to headaches to shin splints.  Tatina listens carefully to what has been happening to my body and then, like magic, hones in on the areas which need the attention of her confident and healing hands.  She’s just fantastic and her massages are real stress-busters.  I have recommended Tatina to many of my friends who now see her regularly too.
Linda Bryant

Forensic Psychologist

Had an excellent treatment provided by Tatina (19 May 2023). She made accommodations for a injury I have and was really attentive to making sure everything was OK and comfortable. Very clearly a seasoned professional, she delivered a deeply relaxing massage in a calm and soothing atmosphere. Highly recommend.


Oh my word..! I have just had an hour massage from Tatina Semprini, for my muscular aches and pains, and it was by far the best massage I have ever had!
I’m a guy in my late 40s and I’ve always been quite sporty, and naturally get a bit tight. However, Tatina had this ability to find the tights muscle that I never even knew I had.
I could just feel the tension and muscle stiffness roll away.
I honestly can’t begin to explain how good Tatina is as a masseuse!
Absolute magic!
I shall be back every month from now on!
John Fry

I have been getting treatments from Tatina for many years now and her massages play a big part in my ‘dancer life’ and everyday life. It helps me to maintain my body on top form. She is a wonderful therapist because she is GREAT at her job but also because she LOVES what she does and to help people to get better or maintain them in great shape.

Marianela Nuñes

Principal, Royal Ballet

My name is Helen Crawford and I’m a First Soloist with The Royal Ballet. I have been receiving massage therapy treatments from Tatina since she joined the RB medical team in 2008.

It’s always a bit of a race between the dancers on Wednesdays to try to get their names on the booking list for Tatina’s treatments every Friday.

I feel I’m in very safe hands when I’m being treated by Tatina, because of her thorough knowledge of the human musculoskeletal and nervous system. I think it takes a lot of courage and trust to allow your body (and therefore your mind) to be in the hands of another, especially in an often stressful profession where sports injuries are common place.

Tatina is sensitive to the emotional needs of her clients as well as the physical. She treats the body with compassion and a soulful understanding. I always come away from my appointment feeling nurtured and restored, always looking forward to the next time!

Helen Crawford

Ex-Dancer, Royal Ballet

Tatina has a special way to soften your muscles, relax your mind and lighten your spirit all at the same time!
Erico Montes

Dancer, Royal Ballet

I’ve been seeing Tatina regularly for several years for sports massage, and she always gives a personalised and responsive treatment. I am very active and partake in regular high level sport, and Tatina has kept me going and maintained me through various sports injuries and one serious accident. When there are no specific issues for her to deal with she gives very good general maintenance, to treat and prevent injury.
Derek, Hackney

Playing the piano all day can result in some serious neck and shoulder problems which I was finding increasingly problematic until Tatina got to work on them. I find her treatments invaluable.
Stephen Lade

Pianist and Conductor

I’ve been visiting Tatina for around 7 years and have always been really impressed by her deep tissue massages. I originally booked to see her after suffering a number of migraines and regular dizzy spells. She concentrated on neck and back massage and within a few sessions I felt fantastic and have only had one migraine since (after not seeing her for a few months). Tatina uses exactly the right pressure and her knowledge of the different muscle groups is incredible. After numerous sports injuries she has got me back playing sport again in no time, diagnosing the issue quickly and treating using massage and stretching. I would highly recommend Tatina to anyone who has any specific injuries, aches and pains or simply for general well being.
James Johnson

I’ve been suffering quite some time with a bad nerve pain running from the middle of my back, down my arm into the forearm.  Not sure whether it’s a mixture of all the partnering work in ballet and riding a motorbike, but Tatina has certainly managed to find a way of calming the pain. Good thing is; it’s immediate. Amazing hands!

Bennet Gartside

Dancer, Royal Ballet

I’m a middle-aged woman, physically fairly fit, who does quite a lot of running and dog-walking. About eight months ago, my left hip became really painful and I was convinced I’d damaged a tendon or even the bone itself. A friend recommended Tatina – and I admit I wasn’t hopeful: I’ve had massages before and all they’ve done is sent me to sleep for fifty quid! But an hour with Tatina was completely different – she knows the body really well, the muscles, the bone structure – so when she massages you, she really knows what she is doing. She located the source of my problem within seconds. An hour later, un-knotted, I left her room and floated back home. Within a day, all my pains had completely vanished. What I also appreciate is that she gives you exercises to do – stretches – to help maintain your body in better shape. I’ve now seen her a second time and, again, it was an incredible experience. She is excellent. If you have any aches and pains, go and see her. You won’t regret it. The best money I’ve spent in years. I will be going back!”
Lara Pawson